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Iron Order is first and foremost a family and our brother Silky has always been the best kind of family.  Silky has always supported our events and rode in any weather for distances you couldn’t imagine to spend time with his IO family.  He’s mentored us, chewed us out, laughed at us, laughed with us, and most of all loved us.  Although he always brings the rain with him when he rides in, he also brings with him a smile, a few funny jokes, and a huge heart of gold filled with love for all his brothers and sisters in this nation.  Those who know and love Silky – Let HellsGate speak for you all in saying … This is a true brother.  We urge you to dig in your pockets and help our brother through this time.  Every little thing helps.  $5 to $500 (nothing too small), it’s an offering of L&R to someone who truly deserves it.


If you don’t know what’s going on with our Brother Silky here’s the details from his gofundme account:

First of all, thank you to everyone reading this right now. A lot of you may know Silky and if not, you reading this is very important and appreciated. After defeating stage 3 bladder cancer, Silky had been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. A large contributing factor complicating the fight is associated with his kidneys – Because of the cancer breaking down his bone cells, the high level of calcium in his blood has caused very large, golf ball-sized stones to develop, which are blocking his tract, causing UTIs. The amount of pain he is enduring from the bone cancer alone throughout his body, his face and head 
included, is described as a 10/10. The VA is regulated so strictly that many of the meds needed to keep him comfortable are not on their formulary. This means that the prescriptions have to be bought with cash. He currently has fee-based coverage but only for chemo and chemo related treatments. 

He is home right now where he is most comfortable and trying to regain enough strength through pain management and home IV medication infusions to go for chemo treatments. The infusions that are being done at home are not covered and they are required to be paid for up front and out-of-pocket.

It is too difficult for him to make the trips by vehicle with the vehicle application that we have right now so more expensive arrangements have to be made in order to get him to the appointments. 

As well as paying for prescriptions, infusions, and past medical bills, we may explore options for a modified vehicle which will accomodate his current mobility situation.


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