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The Numbers are IN!

The 5th Annual Boys & Girls Club Ride was an AMAZING success.  It was a ride to remember with a record number of bikes and a record donation made to the charity.  We love our IO family and thank each and every one of you for helping support this great cause.  St. Augustine came through for us as well.

We raised a total Net of $5,615.32.  This meets our goal of $5,000.00.  We will be shooting for the stars next year as this event continues to grow each and every time it comes around.


The photos are rolling in and we will add them as we get them.  If you have any to share, please send them to Noose at so we can get them uploaded!

First the Video of us leaving the club!  It reminds us of a clown car!  How the hell did we fit all those bikes in that tiny parking lot?

10372928_1502187233329338_5864636048504109437_o 10355751_329520887199331_3108937199645175890_n 10344281_1502186586662736_9082062647322760144_o 10338483_1502187986662596_6315543526403344903_o 10321204_1502188353329226_7906683684788202973_o 10275519_1502188039995924_96923295967166357_o 004 003 002 0001 photo 5 photo 5 (2) photo 4 photo 4 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 3 photo 3 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 2 photo 2 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2) 10514355_1502187553329306_7875757925933266670_o 10505147_1502188066662588_3321799927549865231_o 10498338_1502186746662720_5489756638565490784_o 10497469_1502186429996085_1761184839779273503_o 10497366_1502187406662654_8250683479447490078_o 10496252_1502186319996096_2209263339407683938_o 10480189_1502186456662749_89831282833908964_n 10477422_1502187529995975_9149526171297289901_o 10476588_1502187499995978_7532568702793293419_o 10475989_1502187876662607_1505460336184791834_o 10465512_1502187189996009_1448964017001281533_o 10449997_1502186356662759_1510061244547217033_o 10443109_1502186496662745_6521923392875257178_o 10439544_1502186436662751_2281181774558172450_n 10425372_1502186519996076_1068922945477212169_n 10403336_10203033819345235_8696302181234325508_n 10382524_1502187809995947_7278761748871203684_o 10382301_1502186566662738_5174394404806989142_o wpid-wp-1403400246839.jpeg wpid-wp-1403400235003.jpeg wpid-wp-1403375163454.jpeg wpid-wp-1403375157724.jpeg wpid-wp-1403375152143.jpeg wpid-wp-1403375147574.jpeg wpid-wp-1403374017552.jpeg wpid-wp-1403374010990.jpeg wpid-wp-1403373519412.jpeg wpid-wp-1403373514182.jpeg wpid-wp-1403372629576.jpeg wpid-wp-1403372611105.jpeg wpid-wp-1403372567685.jpeg wpid-wp-1403372547224.jpeg wpid-wp-1403362645299.jpeg wpid-wp-1403362639957.jpeg wpid-wp-1403362633695.jpeg IMG_7605 IMG_7606 IMG_7607 IMG_7608 IMG_7609 IMG_7610 IMG_7611 IMG_7612 IMG_7613 IMG_7614 IMG_7615 IMG_7616 IMG_7617 IMG_7618 IMG_7619 IMG_7620 IMG_7621 IMG_7622 IMG_7623 IMG_7624 IMG_7625 IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632 IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7635 IMG_7636 IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639 IMG_7640 IMG_7641 IMG_7642 IMG_7643 IMG_7644 IMG_7645 IMG_7646

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